Client Testimonials

I became aware of the services after attending a conference. WEIN Design Agency was a vendor which showcased the work performed through other authors and their collaborations. The results were above my expectations. By having the opportunity to walk through the process with the designer, the results showed amazing attention to detail, professional imagery, and inclusion of my vision that I could only initially express through words.

Aside from the final image that came alive in a way I cannot explain, I appreciate the patience from the designers, the professionalism and relational experience. I could share and make changes without receiving any push-back or responses that would indicate frustration on their end. Great Customer Service that shows beyond the conversation.

I would recommend WEIN Design Agency to other authors. I would share details of my professional and easy experience working on a project, from start to finish. I would further emphasize the level of growth I received in understanding the process of bringing a vision to life, but also the creative impact gained as a customer for future work.

My concern was the financial piece and the accessibility to the projects for future upgrades or copies. My fears were put to rest by having a plan of action presented to me for both of those areas of concern. I was able to not only complete my financial responsibility with ease, but I also had the option to take advantage of other services that are offered that allow me to store my past and future projects.

As a result of the Book Design Services, I have benefitted in many ways, to include excellent and professional presentation for my Business, a “go-to” for all my graphic design needs, and an expanded creative vision for future projects.

– Sherida L.

I knew of WEIN Design Agency from my business dealings around North Texas and was made aware of their quality book design work. After a few conversations about the release of my upcoming book, I felt that my confidence was well placed in them, and I was excited about moving forward with the work.

My expectation was that I would bring my manuscript to them, as well as some cover design ideas and assets, and they would complete the process of formatting the book for various digital channels as well as hard copy printing, and they would oversee the overall design work of the cover. I was thrilled with the outcome.

Throughout the process, their attention to detail and customer service was truly outstanding. Never once did I hear, “Oh, well that might be a problem,” or “Well, that’s going to cost more.” With each challenge that the meticulous process of book design offered, they quickly came up with solutions and addressed them in a timely manner, always keeping me up to date through their customer portal system.

Their final design work was not only professional in execution and artistic in design, but gave me the ability to offer my book through multiple portals that required different design specs, and offer the book at different prices according to my marketing plan. I was very happy with the overall experience.

I highly recommend WEIN Design Agency to other authors and will definitely be using them for my next book.

– Kenn S.

My experience with WEIN Design Agency was quite pleasant. I contracted to have a speaker sheet and an information video created. The quality was top level and communication was easy.

As a marketer, I understand how difficult it can be to work with vendors to achieve your vision, but WEIN Design Agency made the process easy.

I have used the speaker sheet to secure speaking engagements and have plans to use the information video to reach out to brands for partnerships. It is currently running on the homepage of my website and receiving a substantial amount of views.

I would definitely use their services again and feel confident in them enough to refer them to others.

– Andrea P.

I have worked with Kevin at WEIN Design Agency on other projects so I always went to him first for any services I knew he could provide. I have used Kevin for my Children Book Design team for Discover the World of Nursing. I wanted someone who could help bring professional design to my nurse clients and would work on our budget, timeframe, and be available to make quick updates. He excelled in all areas.

WEIN Design Agency always made my clients look professional and in sync with other children authors. I love supporting Black Owned businesses and their work is amazing. I would encourage others to support this business because they are the best and provide good pricing and can work with your budget.

Praise for beautiful design and layout, Quick and Caring services, and a year later he can provide updates and changes on work as needed.

– Romeatrius M.

I came over to WEIN Design Agency because I knew the creative director Kevin Vain and had worked with him in the past. His work is nothing short of excellent and he gets better with time

The results surpassed my expectations especially when I needed a marble finish in a specific area of the design. They even managed to make my logo with a transparent background. AMAZING!

I like the fact that the process was transparent and I was kept informed in every part of the process from concept to final product.

I would absolutely recommend WEIN Design Agency and I already did and I will simply say you get the best value for your time and your money

The general concern I usually have is when someone offers design services and their own website is pretty much ordinary.

By just looking at WEIN design’s new website it sells itself as professional minimalistic and efficient I was reassured.

The 3 biggest benefits are the quality you have a team with many years of design experience, number two the professionalism the WEIN’s team value their customers and it shows by the huge demand they have for their products,

3rd benefit is of course the best value for my time and money.

– Joel E.

I absolutely love working with WEIN Design Agency. I began with a simple head shot. Those headshots turned into a long-standing business relationship. This agency is literally just an email or a phone call away. I have created an amazing hair care brand with the help of these guys. I’m looking forward to more connections and to see the agency grow with more leads and customer success.

– Laronda D.

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