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Grab the attention of your readers with your content and a beautiful design.  Our team can help you create a stunning book, magazine, catalog or multi-page booklet that will help you accomplish your goal.

What To Expect

Are you creating a book as a lead magnet for your business? Do you have a multi-page document or magazine you would like to share with your customers? Remember, people do judge a book by its cover.

At WEIN, WE take the time to know your target audience and understand your vision to make sure we create the visual elements that deliver your message. Our expert designers can format your document so that it can be easily modified and distributed. Services can include proofreading, editing, and copywriting. We want to make sure you are satisfied with your document inside and out.


Book Design Service

Our book design services include creating your cover, interior formatting, back cover, and spine. We work as a collective to make sure your book is professionally designed and ready to sell.


Media Kits

Use your media kit to gain more strategic partnerships and speaking engagements for your business.    


Magazine Design

With so many different magazines out there, you have to make sure it is creative and has a good eye flow. Our expert designer will walk you through the process to create a publication that is truly unique.


Multipage Documents

Your multi-page documents may include catalogs, programs, booklets, brochures and handbooks. We can do it all and make sure your brand standards are applied to the design.

Book Design Service

From non-fiction to autobiographies, we can design a winning cover for you.  When your content is phenomenal, then your packaging must be the PHENOMENAL

Our team will help you with cover design for your paperback, hardback, or ebook.   We will edit your manuscript according to the Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS) for publishing books.  We will then format and proofread your book to make sure you are ready to PUBLISH!

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Pricing plans

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For Business

Are you looking to publish a group of books from multiple authors, a magazine, internal business booklets or brochures, or a business catalog, click the link below to get started.

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For Individual

Are you looking to self-publish a book, a solopreneur creating a brochure, a newsletter, a small catalog or brochure, click the link below to get started.

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Questions & Answers

No.  We will leave space on the back of your book cover so your ISBN and barcode can be placed appropriately.   You can provide us with the file, or your publisher / printer can place it before printing your book. 

Yes!  You will own all rights to any custom design we create. Any premium photo stock that is used in your publication is subject to the copyright polices from the stock photography site.  Please check with your designer to find out where the photo came from so you can review the information.  

For illustrations, you will own all rights and the creator of the illustration will hold creative rights to showcase and say they created the illustration.  

Yes!  We can help with additional material to help you promote and spread the word about your upcoming launch.  We can also help with your marketing strategy to reach a specific target audience.  

Yes!  In most cases, we can provide an ePub file for your publication at an additional cost.  in some cases that we are not able to, we can create an interactive PDF file to accommodate your digital needs.  

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