WE have created designs for many national and international brands.  Our team is more than designers, WE are solution providers that gives you researched options to reach your goals.

Publication Design Service

Book Design Service

Our book design services include creating your cover, interior pages, back cover, and spine. We work as a collective to make sure your book is professionally designed and ready to sell.

Magazine Design

With so many different magazines out there, you have to make sure it is creative and has a good eye flow. Our expert designer will walk you through the process to create a publication that is truly unique.

Multi-page Documents

Your multi-page documents may include catalogs, programs, booklets, brochures and handbooks. We can do it all and make sure your brand standards are applied to the design.

What To Expect

Are you creating a book as a lead magnet for your business?   Do you have a multi-page document or magazine you would like to share with your customers?  Remember, people do judge a book by its cover.

At WEIN, WE take the time to know your target audience and understand your vision to make sure we create the visual elements that deliver your message. Our expert designers can format your document so that it can be easily modified and distributed.  Services can include proofreading, editing, and copywriting. We want to make sure you are satisfied with your document inside and out.

Our Process

  1. Set up a discover meeting with our team members
  2. Set up your account on our client portal to view all projects, proofs and invoices.
  3. Make your deposit to begin your project.
  4. Review your digital proof and give us your approval or changes you may have. Be sure to review our terms of services about revisions and final design files.
  5. Make your final payment to get access to your final design files.
  6. Download your files or request that our team has them printed and shipped to you.

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    Magazine Design Example

    The WEkonomist Magazine is NOT your average magazine, blog, or news outlet that highlights stories of racial injustice within the Black community. The leadership team recognizes that there is an overrepresentation of these stories in the media and a simultaneous underrepresentation of relevant economic teachings for the Black community.

    Contracted Projects: